Dogs and Color Categorization: An Exploration

Liz R. Kover Professor Stanley Coren LIF 515 December 15, 2014 DOGS & COLOR CATEGORIZATION Are dogs able to recognize that two items belong in the same category based solely on the sameness of their color? Comparing and contrasting my experiment with Betty to John Pilley’s experiments with Chaser, and others. Chaser the Border collie, […]


The Landscape Within

After a brutally, impossibly hot summer in Bakersfield, the relief of autumn has finally settled in. I could not be more grateful for this, as exercising outdoors during summertime in Bakersfield is probably a lot like dancing in an aluminum suit across the surface of the sun, wearing a hat made of fire.  With the […]


A Whisper To A Scream

Liz R. Kover Professor Amy Cook LIF 580 August 15th, 2014 A Whisper To A Scream: Contradictions and Curiosities in the War Against Cesar Millan “All the scientist creates in a fact is the language in which he enunciates it.” – Henri Poincare Any positive reinforcement trainer will tell you that ‘you kill more bees […]


A Dog’s Life…A Life’s Work

When one thinks of a dog’s life, one typically envisions a mutt stretched out in a sunny spot on the living room floor taking an afternoon nap; a happy-go-lucky puppy with her tongue hanging out as she enjoys the wind in her face on a car ride; a bounding buddy happily chasing a ball. These […]


Dogs, Kids, and Learning: A Comparative Exploration

*  Please excuse the non-MLA citing of references. I have yet to edit them.  While anthropomorphism can be a slippery slope to unrealistic comparisons between humans and animals, to deny the similarities between the ways in which dogs and children learn would be intellectually dishonest. And in doing so we would miss an opportunity to […]